Info@Neoace.comtelephone:  +1 206 369 1599 A Dubai World purchasing company

Neoace dynamic purchasing and investment

services overview

Our main service to Dubai World is purchasing

All purchasing is done in the United States and a majority of our purchases are made in the Pacific Northwest region. We look for lasting relationships with reliable vendors and reputable manufacturers across all categories.

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Research is an integral part of our process

One of our main duties as purchasing agent is to research the products that will best fit the needs of the specific departments and companies they are being purchased for as well as seeking the best financial solution for Dubai World.

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unique services

Although NeoAce is not an investment group or real estate firm, over the years we have established a number of strong connections in those industries.
NeoAce has extended hard money loans for a various amount of reasons and amounts secured by first deed of trust by the borrower. If you are interested in this arrangement please contact us.

We offer a wide range of rental properties and development options for land in the United States. We also perform rehabilitation on unlivable properties.

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