Info@Neoace.comtelephone:  +1 206 369 1599 A Dubai World purchasing company

Neoace dynamic purchasing and investment

Postal Address

 The following is the mailing address for NeoAce in Washington State.


788 NE 110th AVE Ste N807 Bellevue WA 98004
Telephone: +1 206 369 1599
FAX: +1 425 743 5612

Our Locations

NeoAce was founded and operates out of Washington State and a majority of our purchasing is done here. All our vendor relations are build in the Pacific Northwest and Washington is the ideal hub for our operation.

East Coast
Secaucus NJ is a receiving location for items and goods purchased on the East Coast and also operates as a shipping location for a portion of materials going to Dubai World and its subsidiaries in Dubai.

The headquarters for Dubai World and all of its subsidiaries is inDubai. NeoAce is also registered as a corporation in Dubai. All goods purchased for internal use within the family of companies is originally shipped here and allocated to the appropriate departments.



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