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Neoace dynamic purchasing and investment

Professional purchasing

NeoAce is the purchasing company for the UAE based Dubai World and all of its subsidiaries. Ranges of products being purchased are office and infrastructure components to vehicles and land accusation.
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NeoAce has worked with companies such as but not limited to Blackberry, Microsoft, Land Rover, Armani, and many more industry leaders to furnish our family of companies. We are set apart by our high volume purchasing power.
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NeoAce's performance with its parent company is directly based on its aggressive purchasing and ability to meet new industry partners. Please inquire with us if you believe a partnership with us is mutually beneficial.
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what else?

Aside from the purchasing duties for Dubai World, NeoAce has a strong presence in the United States in the form of investments and real estate. We are by no means a hedge fund, but we hold substantial positions in a diverse group of companies across different sectors.

Our real estate ventures include rehabilitation of foreclosed properties, land development, land subdivisions for residential and commercial use and last but not least, rental properties.

NeoAce is registered and licensed in the United States as well as the UAE and performs all services mentioned above under the license for its respective jurisdiction. NeoAce does not perform any sales of consumer goods and specializes in aggressive purchasing for internal use with in the parent company and all of its subsidiaries.


 July 17th
Work has begun on Emirates SkyCargo’s cargo terminal at Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport.

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 August 5th
The total value of properties requested for valuation in Dubai during the first half of 2013 rose by 70 percent.

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 August 7th
A property protection law in Dubai will prevent another real estate ‘bubble’, according to the Dubai Land Department.

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